The Peninsula

This is the end of The Peninsula and what we call the end of Nicaragua.

From Volcano Cosiguina you can see El Salvador and Honduras just across the gulf. The people who live in this area have no electricity. They have little access to have their needs such as medical, dental and vision care. And more than that, what they really need is encouragement and discip. They are poor and in a remote area. They feel like the have been forgotten. We would love for you to help us show them the love of Jesus and prove to them that they’re not forgotten!

If you like adventure, off road riding, camping and sharing Jesus, you will love going to the Peninsula!

Medical and Dental Clinics

If your gift is in the medical or dental field there are plenty of opportunities for ministry here in Nicaragua.

Sports Ministry

The two most popular sports in Nicaragua are baseball and soccer.

If you like sports (especially soccer or baseball) there’s plenty of ministry opportunity for you in Nicaragua.

Children’s ministry in Nicaragua

The villages that we do ministry in are full of children. There are so many ministry opportunities. If you have a heart for kids and want to help us do ministry contact us!


There’s a number of different ways you can help share the Gospel in Nicaragua.

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Share your testimony
  • Distribute DVD’s, micro sd cards or share the Gospel via Bluetooth doing mobile ministry
  • Go house to house making visits
  • Outreach Events


Everything we do when sharing the Gospel in Nicaragua will be reported back to Pastor Francisco’s church so proper follow up and discipleship can take place. We do not want to do his church’s job for them. That would rob them of a HUGE blessing. We want to come alongside of them for a greater harvest.

Deep Sea Fishing

Chinandega Dump

We would love for you to help us feed the children in the Chinandega Dump.

We try to feed the kids every trip we take and they love to see us! They line up with their bowls and we fill them up with soup. Come feed the hungry in Nicaragua.