Remote and Urban Locations

Almost all of these opportunities can happen in either remote or urban areas.

Some people prefer to be in remote areas “roughing it”. Others prefer to stay in town and lodge at a local hotel. We have ministry opportunities in both rural and urban areas. So, it really doesn’t matter to us. People need Jesus in both places.


There are several different orphanages in the area with plenty of orphans for us to minister to. Connie’s Home (also known as Agape) is one we really like to work with.

Sports Ministry

If you like sports there’s plenty for you to do in Thailand and Nicaragua.

You don’t have to be a college level player to teach a sport, build relationships and share Jesus. Whether your sport is baseball, basketball, or soccer you can come serve the Lord with us by playing and teaching whatever sport you love most!


Thailand is # 6 in the top 10 most unreached nations in the world, just behind Iran, which is at #5.

Technology has given us incredible ways to share the Gospel here in Thailand. W2G is very excited about Mobile Ministry. Mobile Ministry allows us to share the gospel through distributing DVD’s and using your very own cell phone! That’s right. Through WiFi, Bluetooth and the use of Micro SD Cards we can teach you how to do mobile ministry.


Ocean Surfing and Boogie Board

Hike and Surf the Volcano

Remote and Urban Locations

The level of “roughing it” you want to experience is up to you.

The Peninsula is rural but if you’ve got to have your AC and a nice soft bed to sleep on, there’s also plenty of people in the city that need to hear the Good News!

Eye Doc in a Box

If you have ever had to wear eye glasses you know what a blessing they are.

Just lose them for a few days and you’ll remember how important they are to you. W2G has been trained in how to set up and run an eye clinic in remote and/or very poor areas.

You can help man different stations for the eye clinic, and share the love of Jesus. The people we minister to in Nicaragua only make $1 – $3 a day.

So if they have bad eyesight they either have to choose between glasses or feeding the family. They choose to feed the family and their vision fades. It’s such a blessing to help with this ministry. It’s a blessing to see people immediately get excited because they can now see! It’s instant gratification. No taking medicine a week or two for the issue to be fixed. It’s right away. Come be a part of Eye Doc in a Box!

To get more info on Eye Doc in a Box visit:

Teach English

Rey is teaching English on a regular basis in Nicaragua. He would love for you come help him put on an English camp. Even though Rey’s students love him. They always enjoy speaking with someone whose first language is English. You would be amazed at what at how the Lord can use you just by teaching basic English.