James and Hanna


James and Hanna met and married in 2012 just 7 weeks before James’ first Willing To Go trip to Nicaragua. They led worship together on staff at a church in Sterlington, LA for a few years while James worked construction. After his first experience on this Willing To Go trip, God began to burden the Sharps with a heart for mobilization and the Unreached.

James has and will continue to lead various types of Willing To Go trips to Nicaragua. These trips will continue to serve the churches, ministries, and believers both in the states and in Nicaragua. At the same, there will be a long term strategic goal focused on a less reached country. The aim is to see a movement sparked among 4 unengaged and unreached people groups.

James will also begin an annual ministry publication for all of the Willing To Go ministry partners to show some of the results and impact of the combined effort on the lostness around the globe.