Ashton and Christy McIntyre

Founder and President


Ashton and Christy are Missional Leaders. As a student pastor for 12 years in the United States,  Ashton led hundreds of teenagers to Christ. Christy spent years working in the public school system in the United States and has taught overseas as well.  But now she’s full-time with Willing To Go.

They are Gobilizers. A Gobilizer is a combination of a “goer” and a mobilizer. Since his days as a student pastor, God has called Ashton and his family to go to “the ends of the earth” with the Gospel message.

He has taken the Good News to places like Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Indonesia, Peru, Haiti, Nicaragua, Honduras, Thailand, and others. They are not just “goers” though.  They have a passion to mobilize others.

Their desire is to see others mobilized and involved in the task of world evangelization.

They believe God has written the most incredible story and that you have a role in it.

Live the Story.  The Story of His Glory.