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I have been trying to figure out some way to:

  • Communicate with friends around the globe
  • Communicate with fans of our ministry
  • Build our ministry’s fanbase
  • Direct more people to our ministry’s website


I’ve considered different ways of doing this, but they just didn’t fit. After talking with a few people and receiving some great feedback, I decided to set up a blog (short for “Web Log”). That’s what you’re now reading.

Here are some advantages:

It’s familiar. These days, when I want to learn something new I search for it on the internet. And most of the time, I end up learning about it on someone’s blog post. I read blogs almost every day. And I don’t even realize it. I bet you do too.

Easy feedback. I could do this through e-mail but who wants one more e-mail taking up space in their inbox? A blog done right will allow for easy feedback and discussion on the topics that matter most to us and our ministry.

It’s inexpensive. Other than the cost of buying the theme I use and setting it up, blogging is basically free. It cost me a little bit of time. About one hour per blog to be more specific.

Here’s how I see this working. Several times a week or several times a month I will write a new post. If you like the blog and it adds value to you, you can subscribe and get an e-mail that alerts you when there’s a new post. Or you can just take a peak at now and then to catch the latest. It’s up to you.