Missions Is About Worship

I’ve been singing this song a lot lately. It’s been stuck in my head.


This song is what it’s all about. We are blessed to be a blessing.


What’s the biggest blessing you’ve ever received?


If you have forgiveness of your sins through Jesus Christ, that’s your biggest blessing.


What’s the biggest way you can bless someone else? Introduce them to Jesus. He’s a bigger blessing than a million dollars. He can give what a million dollars can’t.


If we’ve been blessed with this gift, with this relationship, why don’t we share this gift with others?


When someone hears the Good News and responds in faith to Jesus, not only do they get something great out of it, but God get’s something great out of it!


God gets something He desires from every nation, tongue, tribe, and language. He gets praise, worship, honor and glory from a person or maybe even a language He’s never heard it from before.


This is ultimately what missions is about.


John Piper says, “Missions exists because worship doesn’t”. One day we will no longer need missionaries. Missions will no longer exist.


One day He will receive praise, worship, honor and glory from every people group on the planet (see Rev. 7:9).


Should you do a trip with W2G? Absolutely.


Take a trip with Willing To Go and see things like:


  • People coming to Jesus to receive the biggest blessing of their lives.


  • Your life changed in the process by getting out of your comfort zone and exercising faith in going.


  • Jesus receiving praise, worship, honor and glory from people He hadn’t heard it from before.


That’s the end result of our praying, giving, sending and going.


That is what we are after.


Our prayer is that when you get on that airplane at the end of a W2G trip, and you start the journey back to your home country, that Jesus is receiving what He deserves.


More praise.


More honor.


More glory.


Go with us.


Not just for you.


Not just for them.


Just for Him.


“May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us, that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations.


“May the peoples praise you, O God; may all the peoples praise you. May the nations be glad and sing for joy, for you rule the peoples justly and guide the nations of the earth.” Ps. 67:1-4