Thailand consists of 115 people groups. Of these people groups, 83 remain unreached. Only .5% of the population is evangelical. Click on the pictures below to read about the different ministry opportunities and activities we have for you in Thailand


Night Bazaar

Activities, Thailand


Sticky Falls

Activities, Thailand


Elephant Back Tours

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Activities, Thailand


Remote and Urban Locations

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Ministry Opportunities, Thailand


Sports Ministry

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Ministry Opportunities, Thailand

Trip Info

Short term trips can be life-changing for anyone.

The benefits are eternal for those who are willing to get out of their comfort zones. As they are stretched they will likely experience significant spiritual growth while making an eternal investment in the people they are going to minister to. Short term teams can usually be of any size but most are from 3 to 15 people. We believe that a smaller team of 3 to 8 is usually best. The length of the trip is really up to you. If you are coming from the U.S. just remember that it will take you about 24 hours to get to Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Your place of departure will depend on where you are from in the U.S. but we have found that flying Korean Air from Dallas or Atlanta is the most convenient and direct route. When taking this route there is only one international flight change. The flights look like this:
  • Your hometown airport to Atlanta or Dallas
  • Atlanta or Dallas to Soeul, South Korea
  • Soeul to Chiang Mai, Thailand
We prefer to let you purchase your own airfare. But we are willing to help you with that in any way we can. We have found that round trip tickets can cost anywhere from $1,400 to $2,500 per person.
It usually depends on what time of the year you are flying and how far in advance you purchase the tickets. Be sure and check out the Ministry Opportunities page and Activities page for a list of opportunities for you and your team to do while on your trip. We are all gifted and have ways we can bless others. And just because something is not on the list doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Just ask. We are willing to do “whatever it takes” to see lives changed and the Great Commission fulfilled.

Thailand Packing List

  • Bible
  • Journal/notebook/pen
  • Clothing – Shirts, blouses, conservative T-shirts, skirt, shorts, cover up, modest bathing suit, sun dresses, under garments, socks, hat with brim, light sweater/sweatshirt, one only). If coming around December bring a hoodie or light rain jacket.
  • Shoes – Tennis shoes (one pair), work boots (optional), sandals/slides, shower shoes
  • Bedding – Should not be necessary. If spending time in remote villages you will want to ask your team leader what the sleeping situation will be and what the plan is.
  • Toiletries – General toiletries (unscented please, scent attracts bugs and can aggravate allergies), soap/detergent, shampoo, small beach towel and 2 face cloths, SUN BLOCK (SPF 30+), INSECT REPELLANT (needs to have a high percentage of deet to be effective), wet naps (a must), hand sanitizer, hair elastics, barrettes.
  • Miscellaneous
  • Headlamp or flash light
  • Small personal music devices (for on the plane or to drown out noise while sleeping)
  • Reading material
  • WATER BOTTLE (a must!)
  • Camera/film/memory card/extra batteries/charger
  • Batteries for any electronic devices (e.g. 9v, AA, AAA)
  • Waist pouch/small day pack/back pack
  • Phrase book/language dictionary
  • Prescription medication/glasses/sunglasses
  • Passport/important documents
  • Earplugs/travel clock/small mirror
  • Breakfast bars/granola bars, dried fruit, crackers, juice crystals, candy, cookies
  • Handbook for Willing To Go, Inc.
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