Human Trafficking Prevention

I have a friend who is a survivor of the sex trade. She’s a survivor, and God has turned her story around. Now she is leading a revolution that’s spreading around the world to combat human trafficking.

Human trafficking is a global problem. Human Trafficking happens in every country in the world today. 80% of people trafficked are sold for sex. 20% are sold for labor.


  • 30 million people are enslaved worldwide.


  • It has a $150 billion industry profit.


  • Every 26 seconds a new child is trafficked.


One of the biggest hotspots in the world for human trafficking is Thailand. I recently saw a skit on SNL (Saturday Night Live) making fun of this issue in Thailand. This issue breaks our hearts.

Our ministry leads mission trips to Thailand.  One of the things we do is help combat human trafficking by using a tool called The Priceless Cube. The Priceless Cube was created by our friends at Compass 31 and E3 partners.

We love the Priceless Cube. It’s a great tool to use to prevent human trafficking.

To see a pic of one of our teams sharing the Priceless Cube on the campus of Chiang Mai University click here.