God Speaks Through a Dream


It’s not often that God speaks to me in a dream, but when He does, I try to listen.

It was about four weeks ago that I had a dream about a former student from when I was a student pastor. All I remember was God telling me to warn her to be safe. He told me to say it, and I immediately woke up, knowing what I needed to do.

I wrestled with a few thoughts like, “I haven’t seen her in years”. What’s she going to think about this mysterious message from “out of the blue”? After a moment of wrestling with “should I or should I not”, I just bit the awkward bullet and sent her the message on Facebook.

She responded with thanking me for being obedient. Just a few days later I sent a message to a friend I haven’t seen in at least six years when we served on the same church staff together. Some of you know her. Her name is Judy Groll.

I sent her a message to update her on our family and how we are serving the Lord overseas. And how we have not only been serving the Lord in Southeast Asia but we are moving to Central America in the Fall. Remember, we haven’t spoken in 6 years.

I asked her to pray about being on our monthly prayer and financial support team. I didn’t know if she would respond or not. Want to guess what happened next?

Not only did she respond immediately, but she went on to say this (I’m pasting this straight from the Facebook message she sent me). Read it slowly.


You’re not going to believe this, but I had a dream a couple nights ago that we were sponsoring you and your family as missionaries! You were in a different place than where you are now is all I remember about the dream.

All day I kept thinking how strange it was I dreamed this after not talking to ya’ll in so many years and wondering what I was supposed to do. We serve an awesome God, and I know He has great plans for you and your family that He would even speak to someone (me) through a dream to help you reach others for Christ!

Dennis and I would be honored to sponsor you while you’re in Central America! Blessings to each of you!


For real.

God is good isn’t He? He still speaks through His Word and I believe He still speaks through dreams.

Have you ever had a dream and you knew God was speaking?