Dude Looks Like a Lady


What’s a Lady Boy? A Lady Boy is a boy or man who dresses up like, you guessed it, a lady.

And we see them every day in Thailand.

There’s a lot of sins in the world that I can identify with and understand all too well. But if there’s ever a sin I personally struggle to understand and identify with, it’s this one.  I’m just being honest here.  It makes me pretty uncomfortable.  Which should make me wonder, why don’t some of the sins in my life make me feel this way?

That’s a whole different post. Right now, I’m chasing the Lady Boy rabbit.

Back to Lady Boys. They can be very convincing, especially for a small town country boy like myself.

There have been a few times I’ve seen some girls here in Thailand and innocently thought to myself, “she’s pretty”. And then, a few moments later, I realize, she’s a HE! My next thought is, “I’m going to stab my eyes out with a fork or a chopstick!

Lady Boys can be very convincing.

All pretty girls in Thailand are not what they appear to be.

My friend here in Thailand told me that a while back he saw a sex tourist with a fairly young and pretty Asian girl. There is nothing new about this. We see this all the time. He said they were holding hands and walking straight towards him. As they got closer, he realized the sex tourist probably had too much to drink.

What else did he realize as they walked closer? He realized that the young and pretty Asian girl was, you guessed it, a HE!.

My friend said, “I would bet you money that sex tourist had no idea he was holding hands with a GUY!”

But who knows, maybe he did, and he’s into that kind of thing.

The point is this; all pretty girls in Thailand are not what they appear to be. They can be very convincing.

This makes me think about my life and most of us Christians. We need to ask ourselves honestly,

Are we what we appear to be?

How many of us are “Christian” Lady Boys?

We wake up. Put on our make up, Put on our dress. Put on our high heels.

And go through another day pretending to be something we’re not.

Day after day.

We too, can be convincing can’t we?

All pretty girls in Thailand are not what they appear to be.

Some of us also, might not be what we appear to be.

Your thoughts?