What Matters Most

I found out an hour ago one of  my friends passed away last week. It’s a shock. And finding out a week after the fact is somewhat normal when you live on the other side of the world. I was just thinking about his life, his family, and his friends and thinking about how short...
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Missions Is About Worship

I’ve been singing this song a lot lately. It’s been stuck in my head.   This song is what it’s all about. We are blessed to be a blessing.   What’s the biggest blessing you’ve ever received?   If you have forgiveness of your sins through Jesus Christ, that’s your biggest blessing.   What’s the...
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I have been trying to figure out some way to: Communicate with friends around the globe Communicate with fans of our ministry Build our ministry’s fanbase Direct more people to our ministry’s website   I’ve considered different ways of doing this, but they just didn’t fit. After talking with a few people and receiving some...
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Your Next Bible Study Should Be…

Have you done a Bible Study recently? What about a Bible Study with your family? If it’s been a while or if you’ve never led your family through a Bible Study, it’s time to start! Your next Bible Study should be the Xplore study. Willing To Go uses the Xplore study for all of our...
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Dude Looks Like a Lady

What’s a Lady Boy? A Lady Boy is a boy or man who dresses up like, you guessed it, a lady. And we see them every day in Thailand. There’s a lot of sins in the world that I can identify with and understand all too well. But if there’s ever a sin I personally...
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Human Trafficking Prevention

I have a friend who is a survivor of the sex trade. She’s a survivor, and God has turned her story around. Now she is leading a revolution that’s spreading around the world to combat human trafficking. Human trafficking is a global problem. Human Trafficking happens in every country in the world today. 80% of...
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God Speaks Through a Dream

It’s not often that God speaks to me in a dream, but when He does, I try to listen. It was about four weeks ago that I had a dream about a former student from when I was a student pastor. All I remember was God telling me to warn her to be safe. He...
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